Good or bad, as the French would say : "C'est la vie!" (trans. "That's life!") and so shall we embrace it!

the slightest echo in the night

the slightest echo in the night

there’s too much going on in the world to ever keep mum.

a voice, big or small, needs to be heard wherever it might be first echoing.

oh dear, my voice is set to go.

for i am known to be an outspoken individual amongst the fireflies in my bright yet flickering world, with an opinion on everything.

i aim for this site to help me declog my brain from time to time. let the world hear me, let them know my insights.

so brace yourself as i venture out into the wild and touch up on subjects ranging anywhere from food to movies to fashion to beauty and everything in between.


hop along because remember, good or bad — c’est la vie!


Would love to know what you think...