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Getaway High: The Inflatable Island (Subic)

Getaway High: The Inflatable Island (Subic)

For my youngest’s 11th birthday celebration, we decided to spend it at a place that will showcase everyone’s inner kid. Where everyone would have a great time just by being their silly self.  And so the road trip to The Inflatable Island in Subic started at 3am because everyone just couldn’t wait!


The Inflatable Island

The Inflatable Island


I had reserved the Spray tickets at 8am-12nn for my family. You see, the park has 3 ticket categories that you can only reserve through their website:

  • Splash (two hour pass) Php699
  • Spray (four hour pass) Php999
  • Soaked (whole day pass) Php1,399

and since we didn’t know if we would last longer than 4 hours, we opted for the middle one.


The Inflatable Island
photo from Inflatable Island PH fb page


We arrived an hour earlier than expected. Too early in fact that the counter was still closed (HAHA!). But patience is a virtue, love. And dang did we not have that! Why didn’t we have any fidget spinners on hand?! Oh well, hubs did a great job playing some songs for us with his ever reliable guitar then I went ahead and tried to keep myself busy by reserving the hut on Samba Beach so that my family can have a place to chill in while waiting for The Inflatable Island to open. Too bad Samba Beach wouldn’t let us in even if we paid for the hut. They said we still needed to wait for the entrance ticket from The Inflatable Island. What a bummer.


If that sounds confusing to you, here’s how the setup is. The Inflatable Island is situated on the ocean, docked to the shore (duh!) and well, to get to that area, you need to enter Samba Beach Resort. So, your Inflatable Island tickets consist of entrance to the play area, their Bali Lounge, Floating Zoo PLUS whole day entrance to Samba Beach Resort. No hut included though, so that’s on your own account.


Finally the cashier lady of Inflatable Island graced her beauty upon us and started servicing us mere, anxious, giddy adults. You need to present your online reservation print outs to get the ticket bands and there you go! The adventure begins!


The Inflatable Island

Once in, we had to go through the orientation where they had us sign waivers, gave friendly reminders and such. Then we were given the life vests which you need to wear ALL THE TIME! Do take note to “smell” your assigned life vest first. My first one had that amazing armpit smell which we pinoys fondly call “baktol”.


Gross factor to the nth level, I tell you!


Anyways, off we went. There were plenty of lifeguards to help us getting on board the Inflatable Island. Believe me, it was difficult just getting our fat arses on top. Once on the play area, you are free to go wherever you please. It was slippery so it’s a good thing we had on our aqua shoes (this is the only footwear allowed, by the way). The lifeguards would pull us back up on the floaters like flimsy fishnets that didn’t get any fishies for the day, haha. But I still can’t fathom how they easily pulled up whales like me and the hubs. Good job, kuyas. “Bigyan ng jacket yan!”



We ran and slipped and huffed out all the remaining stress we had for the whole week! I saw my daughters laughing uncontrollably every time I slipped and drank tons of salt water like the fool that I was. My hubs also gave his all climbing every obstacle and though he is used to sports activities, he couldn’t help but run out of breath, too. My wall climbing attempt was one of the hardest feats I had ever had to do but it was an accomplishment. My hands were shaking halfway up but I just held on to my daughter’s cheer “kaya mo yan Mommy! Go!” and finally found myself at the top. The slide down was crazy scary. We were told by the lifeguards to support the back of our necks because of the whiplash it might cause.


WTF?! And you tell us this, now?!



I live to die another day, bes.


Lunch time came and we decided to just order at a few of their concessionaires. Pizza was delicious at Sam’s Pizza Express but the rice bowl meals at Subic Grand Seas food truck was a different story. We had to wait 2 hours for our food because their rice cooker broke down. What luck, I tell you! But once their food was served, it was not bad at all (or were we just starving? LOL). For the price of Php100 per bowl, I think it was just right but seriously not ok to wait 2 freakin’ hours for it!


The Inflatable Island
photo from Inflatable Island PH fb page


I noticed the sought after drink floaters were missing from the shakes though. Their FB page boasted of these instagram-worthy shakes with floaters but I didn’t see any, not even one darn donut floater hugging a cold overpriced drink. Quite a letdown for us.


If you want to bring in your own food, that’s fine too. Just be prepared to pay for the corkage fee imposed by Samba Beach Resort. It’s about Php500 per 7 pax so if you’re a large group, I think it would be wiser to bring your own beachvibe dishes.


The Inflatable Island
photo from Inflatable Island PH fb page : Bali Lounge


One goal of this trip was to secure tons of pictures to commemorate my daughter’s birthday and the end of summer. My kids took turns posing at the Bali Lounge which was really colourful, as promised by the admin. But there were too many people around that photobombers were clearly unavoidable. I suggest to grab your snapshots at the Bali Lounge first before running around like a headless chicken at the play area. That way you’ll have that section all to yourself.


But hell, where are the darn floating unicorns and seashells and flamingos and swans and…. I can go on forever. They were nowhere to be found! Did they run off in protest?! What the flying fudge is going on?! Admin said their suppliers provided damaged floaters so they had to return it that week. I don’t really understand this logic. Why did they have to replace all the  floaters to begin with? It’s a bit weird they would say that. I personally think their contract fell through the cracks with their supplier or something conspiracy-laced. But what do we know, that’s their stuff to handle. Just really disappointed that we didn’t get to experience the Floating Zoo. It would have been an amazing spread of photos. Guess we’ll have to go back some other time (wink, wink, double wink!).


MISSING FLOATING ZOO (photo from Inflatable Island PH fb page)


My family agrees with me when I say that it was a totally different experience. That chance to be a kid again without any judgement from this crazy world we live in –priceless. Plus it was a really cool way to spend my daughter’s birthday.



The place provided that unexplainable feeling where your kids would say “hey, my parents are so crazy cool” or “Oh my gosh, my parents are sooo embarrassing but at least they aren’t partypoopers”.



In this fast-paced, high-tech life we live in, the kids’ joys are all that matters. It’s all that really counts. Even if it means having us, parents, look like total crap and jackasses in the process. Cheers!




Experience 4/5

Cleanliness 4/5

Staff 5/5

Ambiance 4/5

Food 3/5

Overall Kid Fun 4/5


’til our next getaway high… c’est la vie!


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