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Nominated for The Liebster Award 2017! My heart is so full! Thank you!

Nominated for The Liebster Award 2017! My heart is so full! Thank you!

Now, that’s a way to wake up happy! I got nominated for the Liebster Award 2017!

It’s a recognition award for new blogs given by fellow bloggers — like a Rookie Award for bloggers! Woot! Woot!

The award aims to discover quality blogs that have just started to gain traction online which is a great way to support and connect the blogging community worldwide!

Liebster in German means dearest, love, favorite and all those warm fuzzy synonyms.

To be grateful is an understatement. Thank you to Life of Kentaro Travel and Photography for nominating me, I am deeply honored. Your words of encouragement resonate through me and I hope to do the same for my 7 nominees below.

My answers to Kentaro’s questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?
-Online site’s been active for almost 2 months (as of this writing).
2. What drives you to blog?
-my random daily thoughts and reviews about wherever my family goes. Need to declog my brain.
3. What drives you to travel?
-my family’s passion to enjoy life.
4. Favorite pass time?
-binge watch tv series with a pint of rocky road ice cream in hand.
5. Sparkling or still water?
-still water
6. Favorite Cuisine?
-Chinese yum yum
7. Which camera do you use?
-fujifilm x-a10, huawei smartphone
8. Any short term goals for your blogs?
-just to regularly document my family’s happenings and reviews.
9. How do you gain more followers?
-I’ve been told to just keep writing and it will follow.
10. If you could travel to any destination, where?
11. Color or black/white photography?
-Both, depending on the mood.


My utmost favorite blog that really pushed me to start my own is

She is a fashion icon here in the Philippines but even before the limelight, she was just a regular fashion blogger. She has now gained recognition for all her fabulous posts from day 1. Like me, she has also changed up her hairstyle too often than necessary and I always check her blog for some valuable tips. Her blog is light, clean and well-presented and has the best OOTDs I have ever seen. Her experiences shared with her readers showcase where she’s been roaming other countries and makes me inspired to do a little exploring on my own. Tricia now has a published book on the shelves and one of these days, I hope to be able to do the same with my fiction novel on wattpad –that is still unfinished LOL ( Tricia even documented her wedding journey on her website. Now that’s dedication!


1. I’m a mid 30s housewife who loves kpop.
2. Got 2 daughters who is a tween, a teen and we like to goof around often.
3. Love dogs more than I like most people.
4. Grew up in the West Coast (California) and was a complete nerd then.
5. Love feature writing, hate news writing.
6. Used to work for different platforms in the journalism field: Newspaper, Magazine and Advertising but in terms of education, I have an Accounting background.
7. I battle with depression, anxiety and OCD.
8. I love period movies and shows, anything retro that my husband always says I have an old soul.
9. I live for food and lose all sense of logical thinking when I see desserts. I tend to dissect the ingredients of the dish in front of me.
10. Allergic to pollen, cockroaches, dust, milkfish, tomato, watermelon and cats.


My chosen few, please read the guidelines here to know what you need to do  to keep the love flowing:

1. The Travel Hanker
2. Deeply Chromatic
3. Angela Hwang
4. Dear Little Daisy
5. The Well Dressed Lie 
6. Solitary Travels
7. The Digital Crusader 


1. What sets you apart from bloggers in the same niche?

2. What kind of blogger do you want to be remembered?

3. Feature writing or news editorial writing?

4. What is the drive for your blogging?

5. Cats or dogs?

6. When do you find yourself full of passion to write?

7. Blogging for passion or for money?

8. Ice cream or cake?

9. Party owl or bed hog?

10. Favorite writer and why?

11. Writing with music in the background or complete silence?

Can’t wait to read your posts! Leave your blog post link in the comments below and on The Global Aussie’s blog here for the selection of winners come 2018! Cheers to us all!



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