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Tummy Picks : Fat Cousins Diner

Tummy Picks : Fat Cousins Diner

If there was a frequent flyer miles reward system for restos, we would definitely rack up a lot of points at Fat Cousins Diner.

This cute little diner is a staple for my family for times when we want to eat out, get hefty on the tummy but not on the wallet. Especially on days when we’re just too lazy to cook.

From the outer signage to the inner space, this hole-in-the-wall definitely does not disappoint.

Fat Cousins


Although there are so many new restos in the Marikina area now that they are grooming this to be the next “Maginhawa St.” food hub, our family feels so at home at Fat Cousins Diner which is just along BG Molina St. in Brgy. Parang (literally a few blocks away from us). *** there’s also a branch at Maginhawa Street for all you QC food hunters!


Upon entering, you are greeted with wall decals that really put you in the “let’s get fat and be merry” mindset with phrases such as “There is no love sincerer than the love for food” and “Eat here, diet @ home”. (YAAAAS! PREACH!)

Low note is the lack of airconditioned space. There’s an outdoor area but very few go there especially now that it’s sooooo humid.  I think they should just enclose that and reserve it for events instead of reserving a whole block in the main dining area which doesn’t give much privacy (Believe me, I’ve sang a lot of birthday songs for people I don’t even know haha).


Enough of the chatter, let’s move on to the meat!


Though this is our fave place, I must admit, their menu is a bit limited. But as what my hubby always points out: “Don’t change what’s working” because during peak hours, dang, people are rushing in and there’s a bit of a waiting line despite this fact. It’s a good thing we’re patrons and get first dibs on seats when the crew sees us upon arriving even if there is already a waiting line (naks, VIP?! chos). We don’t mean to be kups/a-holes, the crew just does that for us. I’m not one to deny good extra service, you know. And maybe once you’ve become a loyal customer yourself, for sure you’ll get that same VIP treatment.


Anyways, our staples are: Salisbury Steak, Australian Premium Steak, Baby Back Ribs and Roast Beef. Talk about meat overload. Price range is from Php99 to Php199 only, which already includes veggie sides, mashed potatoes,  unlimited rice and bottomless drinks (super sulit, dba?).


Fat Cousins


You can have the steak done to your choosing. We always go for medium rare, coz, well, you gotta enjoy the true meatiness taste and anything above that, IMO, is just a waste.


Fat Cousins


The ribs’ flavor is close enough to Racks’ famous ribs (without the sauce) but one trick is to ask the waiter for some extra ribs sauce and voilà! you’ve got yourself some extra special ribs. Sometimes, it falls off the bones, sometimes not that much. But it’s ok for its price.


Fat Cousins


My personal fave is the Home Style Roast Beef. You get two slabs of that delicious ‘kalitiran‘ beef that melts in your mouth. Comes with the buttery gravy, which I don’t use often because I like my taste buds to bask in the meat flavor itself.


Fat Cousins


If you have kids with you, you can get them the Salisbury Steak (glorified version of a burger steak) or the burger with fries meal. The former is a favorite of my youngest even though it’s only 1 fat beef patty swimming in gravy sauce. I must note though that it is definitely savory and worth its price of Php129.


So for less than Php200, you get all your meat cravings satisfied. There’s also Chicken BBQ and Hungarian Sausage (nothing special on the chicken BBQ and the Hungarian Sausage is your typical spicy sausage).


And now for my favorite part of any gastronomic adventure : DESSERTS! 


Fat Cousins


Their New York Cheesecake is to die for! Smooth, velvety, melt in your mouth kind of cheesecake drizzled with a bit of caramel sauce. As a baker, I know how difficult it is to achieve this and I give mad props to their pastry chef (or dessert supplier?!) because everytime I order this, it is the same texture, same heavenly taste all the damn time! Talk about consistency, amiryt? The graham crust could use a little more cinnamon, though. TIP: have them serve this cheesecake when you are all done with your entrees so that you will get it fresh from the chiller. This makes the cheesecake more of an ice cream cake. But if you want the velvety texture, have them serve it right away to adjust to room temp.



Another sweet offering is the Chocolate Mousse. My kids and hubby always go for this because it does not differ much from the Red Ribbon Choco Mousse cake and you know you get your money’s worth out of this Php100 cake. The texture is smooth and airy just like how a mousse should be. Other desserts are available like the blueberry cheesecake, blackout cake, choco fudge, red velvet cheesecake and even milkshakes.


Oh by the way, they have an afternoon delight promo wherein you get a free cup of brewed coffee with your cake from 1-5pm. Perfect for those peeps who need the 1-2 punch of sugar + coffee high just to finish a blog or two in the afternoon (ehem!).


All in all, we love this place. It’s been our go-to place since 2015! Hopefully, we’ll have some time to go to their Maginhawa branch to see if it’s consistent or as homey as the one we’re used to here in Marikina.


Fat Cousins

Fat Cousins


Food 4/5

Price 5/5

Service 5/5

Ambiance 3/5

Final Tummy Verdict: 4.25/5


’til our next tummy picks… c’est la vie!


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