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Tummy Picks : MEATSLUT

Tummy Picks : MEATSLUT

We love our steaks.

At an early age, I had been taught by my dad how to eat steak back when we were foodies in California. He said if it goes beyond medium rare, it’s as good as garbage. So even at the age of 10, I had been ordering my steaks medium rare and without gravy or steak sauce for that real meat experience.

Thankful to my upbringing that taught me how to eat well, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that my family acquires the same. We regularly eat out and discover new tastes to tickle our fancy. And this night was no different. After mass, my family decided on finally trying out Meatslut along Lilac Ave, Marikina. This famous eat street has too much restos to boast but for tonight, we’re going back to our primitive caveman instincts by getting some good ol’ protein.


The signage is already an eyecatcher with its bold red, black and white in-your-face marquee and a big chunk of meat right smack in the middle. Oh and the one liner that is right up any meatlover’s alley: “Being Vegan Ain’t that Fun”. (no offense to my vegetarian friends, besides, you shouldn’t be reading this article in the first place HA! so turn around now while you still can!).

meatslutMeatslut 28meatslut

The interiors reminded me of my mom’s old house with all her black, white and red décor back in the early 90s. It was a bold move for a home then and still a bold move for a restaurant now. Those who study culinary marketing know that orange or red/yellow combo is normally the right color for exciting taste palates. Black is not one of them ideal colors for food marketing. But in this case, I think the bold interiors attract the right kind of crowd – meat devouring men! Yah, you read it right. It welcomes everyone though–families, couples on dates, barkadas but it looks more fit for masculinity at the helm. This restaurant even has its own function room that resembles that of a man-cave with the mandatory (pun intended) billiard, poker, pingpong and even beer pong table. The bar is tucked away on the side of the man-cave function room that goes for about Php5000 per 3 hour reservation (all consumable though, so worth the penny). Seeing that room made me want to grab an ice-cold beer, grow my mustache out and light up a cigar with “The Devil’s Advocate” or “Godfather” playing on the big screen. But as I closed the door to the man-cave, I went back to being my usual lady-self worrying about how to get on those high stools our table had.


meatslutmeatslutMeatslut 9Meatslut 10meatslutmeatslut

Let’s move on to the food, shall we?

Meatslut 2meatslutmeatslut

Menu handed was straight to the point but the waiter had a lot of disclaimers saying “this” or “that” was not yet available since it’s just a soft opening. No worries, still plenty of time to go back and try these elusive menu items. We were 4 but decided to order 3 platters in case our daughters couldn’t finish up a whole steak. The 54°C Sirloin and the 72 hours Rib Short Plate (Php450.00 and Php380.00 respectively) was what’s available. The platter came with a choice of either rice, umami corn, robuchon mashed potatoes or French beans. We also ordered their Shrimp, Sausages and Corn platter to see what kind of appetizer they offered.

Meatslut 23

As we waited for our steaks, I noticed there was a bathwater tank right beside the prep area. There were bags of steak floating around with a thermometer plunged in and controlling the temp of the tank. As I looked closer, sure enough, it was a sous-vide. A sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/) is a French word meaning “under vacuum” and it’s a method of cooking wherein the steaks are in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch then placed in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times at a controlled and accurate temperature. In this restaurant’s case and as their menu implies: it’s “72 hours” of bobbing up and down that tank. Now, you may be wondering “Ok, we got the 72 hour thing, what about the 54°C?” This now pertains to the internal temperature of a steak to give that perfect pink, juicy, mouthwatering medium rare chunk of meat that’s making me hungry as I write this. Damn, diet failed once again.

Meatslut 20meatslutmeatslut

Right beside the tank is a prep station of some sort. I thought “hey, prep stuff, moving on.” But suddenly, my family’s eyes shot wide open when they saw the staff lighting that section up. Here he was with a torch in each hand, blazing fire straight at our steaks. Darn, was it a lovely sight! Each steak showing off sections of its outer being caramelized and just getting all dolled up for us.

meatslutMeatslut 6

Check out the video below and see the searing method for yourself. Warning: May induce uncivilized slobbering.

The steaks were then served to us on a carving board sprinkled with sea salt with our choice of side dishes. The steak knife glided effortlessly and showed off that beautiful pink color. Once in our mouths, everyone let out a very satisfying moan to signify how easily it was munched by our grinders, rolled off our tongues and bursted out that perfect meat taste. Both steaks were delicious, with the Rib Short Plate heavily seasoned as compared to the Sirloin. It was perfect. End of story. I wish I had ordered that glass of merlot though. Next time, my loves. Next time.

Meatslut 14Meatslut 15Meatslut 19

The appetizer Shrimp, Sausages and Corn (Php250.00) ended up being a large side dish that worked perfectly with the main dish. The peppered spiciness of the Hungarian sausages enveloped the corn kernels and shrimps. It had a dash of chili powder but mostly seasoned with paprika so the spiciness was tolerable for my hubby and daughters who were originally not fond of spicy food. This plate was cleaned up quite well in the end.

Meatslut 13

The mashed potatoes were a miss for me though. I prefer my mashed potatoes with a little bit of chunkiness and buttery pepper taste. But their mashed potatoes were reminiscent of baby food, like bottled apple sauce. I should have googled at the time that Robuchon Mashed Potatoes were actually deliberately prepared to have that puree texture to it. Not my family’s type though, maybe works for others. Maybe, they could ask the customers if they prefer Robuchon or Chunky for future orders. Just a suggestion, Meatslut, ball is still in your corner though. The French beans were lovely. Blanched well, crunchy and seasoned with a pinch of salt and smothered with butter. ‘Twas perfect with the steaks.

Meatslut 16

One thing that sets this steak house apart is that they value other parts of the animal. Their menu shows a Nose-To-Tail section that allows you to order “offals” or sometimes called the “nasty bits” of the animals. They’ve got deep-fried calves’ brain, roasted pork face and skewered assortment of other animal parts. More for the adventurous eater than the family crowd but what’d you know? We eat skewered intestines (isaw) on a regular basis anyways.


Frankly, with all that we ordered, we felt like we had unli-steak offerings. One platter was good for sharing already so if you’re a big steak eater, here’s your chance to devour a juicy plump meat in one sitting. If you’re on a date, best time to test your date’s appetite.

Meatslut 18


Meatslut 25Meatslut 27meatslut

94 Lilac St SSS Village, Marikina City

Food 5/5
Price 4/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 4/5
Final Meat Lust: 4.25/5

’til our next tummy picks… c’est la vie!

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