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Tummy Picks : Pares Point Diner

Tummy Picks : Pares Point Diner

After our “Transformers: The Last Knight” family movie date (still contemplating on reviewing this or not UPDATE: NAH! NOT WORTH IT), we were looking for something to eat for dinner. We found ourselves driving around Marikina since our fave Fat Cousins Diner was jampacked for the night. Getting hungry but didn’t want to succumb to the many fastfood restaurants in the area, we held out some hope to see what could satisfy our hunger. Then we saw bright red lights calling our name…


Well hello there, Pares Point Diner!

Pares Point Diner front


This newly opened eatery sits humbly along the far end of Bayan-Bayanan Avenue going towards C&B Mall, with open walls, no aircon but still quite cool and staying well-lit that it’s impossible for you to miss this establishment. They just welcomed the public about 2 weeks ago (as of writing) and were already raking in groups of hungry fellas of the Marikina Eats crowd. So of course, we’re not one to miss something new, possibly delicious (?) and get left behind.


So, in we went.


Pares Point Diner Reception


I was feeling quite chilly coming from the movie theatre so I ordered Beef Mami which had old-school mami noodles (you know the one that has that bitter aftertaste when you burp? Yaaah that’s it). It didn’t taste like fastfood mami bowls that had plain noodles, a bit of meat and a few garnishes. (I bet you know what fastfood I’m talking about). This diner’s bowl had plenty of beef cubes (which were the same ones used for Pares, a different take that worked well actually), spring onions, crunchy cabbage strips and a hardboiled egg, all for Php90. Yes, it definitely got me slurping away happily.


Pares Point Diner Beef Mami.jpg


Naturally, hubby ordered their Beef Pares (for Php88 only) to see if they really do deserve their name ‘Pares Point’. The plate consisted of several chunks of beef swimming in pares sauce, served with a bowl of pinoy fried rice. The rice was topped with delicious crunchy garlic bits to mix it all up with. Typical pares, am I right? One mustn’t forget the mandatory soup that soothed our growling tummies. The soup in itself was very flavorful since this was the broth that the pares beef was boiled in.


On with the pares…


Truth be told, I was never a fan of pares because every time the hubs would find a resto that served it, it didn’t taste quite right. Call me old-fashioned but I know pares should always have that distinct ‘star anise’ hint of flavor –it shouldn’t be just plain salty beef cuts marinated and served in its own dark MSG-filled sauce. It should be the kind of meat that melts in your mouth and makes you wonder how many rice bowls your stomach can make room for. And by golly, one bite of this diner’s pares dish and we knew we’d struck gold! It was delicious, inexpensive, old-fashioned, hefty and tender just the way an authentic pares should be. Can I give shining, shimmering, food stars now? No? Not yet? Ok fine, I’ll wait til you’re done reading this article.


Pares Point Diner


What else is there? My daughter B is a big fan of sisig and as long as there’s no siling labuyo or whatever kind of pepper, she’ll always order sisig. Tonight was no exemption. She went for the Sizzling Sisig for Php95, tailored it to her liking by telling the order taker to remove the pepper and then ate away quietly in one corner. I wondered if she didn’t like it, got worried and offered her my Beef Mami bowl but all she said was “Cge, tikman mo, Mommy.” (Go ahead and taste it, mommy) and she got me to shut up then and there.


Pares Point Diner Sisig.jpg


It was one helluvah dish, I tell you! Crunchy pig cheeks (pisngi) and meat bits cooked like lechon kawali were perfectly seasoned topped with fresh red onions. It didn’t have the mayo on top but it seemed perfect just the way it was. By the way, the usual egg we see on top of sisig is only for their sharing portion at Php157. I promised myself to order this next time we eat here. That’s already one planned meal in my calendar, hihihi. There’s just so much more to try!


Pares Point Diner Menu


At the end of the night, our tummies were satisfied and we went home with smiles on our faces knowing that we found a diner serving delicious pares and other dishes that didn’t break the bank.


But don’t just take my word for it, head on over to this place. For now they are open 4pm-1am but assured me that once operation normalizes, lunch will be serviced as well. I am sure it would be worth the drive especially if you’re not from around here. For Marikenyos, you know what to do.


Pares Point Diner
Food 5/5
Price 5/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 3/5
Final Tummy Verdict: 4.25/5


’til our next tummy picks… c’est la vie!


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