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Tummy Picks : Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Tummy Picks : Rainbow Dreams Cafe

“Somedays you just wanna hop on your unicorn and fly somewhere over the friggin’ rainbow.”


Today, we did just that. We headed on over to one of the famous QC Eat Street’s latest offering of gastronomical adventures. The Rainbow Dreams Cafe sits majestically on the 2nd floor of #80 bldg right in the heart of Maginhawa Street.

Rainbow Dreams Cafe 46


The colourful cafe is the brainchild of the phenomenal volleyball star Alyssa Valdez and one of her besties as her partner. Having opened to the public only a month ago yet the place was already buzzed about and jampacked. But today’s journey was a lucky one since we stumbled upon her royal unicorn queen herself. She was there at the cafe for a few hours to do a meet and greet with her customers and fans, aptly calling it “Grand Alicorn Day”.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe Alyssa Valdez

Rainbow Dreams Cafe Alyssa Valdez 2


We arrived to a long queue of waitlist clients but were happy to still snag seats for our early dinner. The area was presented in clean bright walls splashed with colors and decals of unicorns and rainbows. All the things teenagers and millenials nowadays dream of. Seating was by white picnic benches which really kept the whole clean vibe going.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 6

Rainbow Dreams Cafe 7

Rainbow Dreams Cafe 10

Since we waited for about an hour to get seated, we opted to go heavy on the meals instead of the original planned merienda/desserts. They had a good amount of dishes to offer based on their menu but drinks was limited to lemonade as everything else was in the form of iced coffee or shakes.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 12


Not expecting much from this place since we assumed people frolic here more for the ambiance and photo ops, but we were really taken aback by the delicious dishes they served us. Their BBQ Chops meal was hefty in proportions with 2 slabs for just Php170. It boasted of hickory spices and the flavours were well marinated in each bite. Eat it with a side of steamed veggies and their stars and hearts molded rice to get you humming happy songs all throughout.


Carbonara was a bit daunting to eat as my OCD was being triggered. I felt like a unicorn threw up on my plate and served it enthusiastically. It looked pretty weird with its pink and purple pasta and cutout bread, cheese and meat shaped as stars. It was like a dish specifically made by desperate moms for their kids who couldn’t care enough about their lunchboxes. I guess it did go well with the cafe’s theme, though.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 13


But as soon as I mixed the pasta with the cream sauce underneath, the cook and mom in me truly enjoyed it. It was creamy and did not have an overwhelming butter or egg after-taste like other carbonaras circulating now in the cafe industry. It reminded me of my favourite carbonara dish from Boyong’s Burgers here in Marikina (review blog on this hidden gem will be posted soon!). The lingering bitter yet sweet note of the red bell peppers worked wonderfully with the saltiness of the cream sauce. It was so heavenly that we actually decided to order another round. So yah, don’t judge a book by its cover, beshie. Note taken.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 18


Rainbow Grilled Cheese. What can I say? It was a rainbow mozzarella grilled cheese topped with a sunny side up egg sprinkled with a bit of paprika. My youngest daughter certainly loved it even though she doesn’t like runny eggs to begin with. There was a surprising combination of the runny egg yolk and mozzarella that made it all ok and acceptable to eat a sandwich with pink and purple slime (the mozzarella, bes, keep up). It was like a sweet rub on the back when you’re feeling down –It’s not something you asked for but it made you feel better.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 11


For dessert, we ordered the Blueberry White Choco Waffles. The waffles didn’t let us down though. It was crunchy on the outside while still soft in between the squares. Add the maple syrup with the side blueberries and you’re good to go. The white choco sauce acted as the blue base for all those colourful sprinkles in substitute to the regular confectioner’s sugar that we usually see on top of waffles. The waffle itself could use a bit more cinnamon and nutmeg though to get that authentic American waffle taste.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 14

Rainbow Dreams Cafe


Drinks we ordered comprised of the blue Lemonade served in a big mason jar mug and the Cookie Monster Milkshake. The lemonade is just your usual lemonade made blue while the milkshake was a vanilla based shake topped with fun stuff to ogle at while you sip away. Nothing special though, just pure fun.


Food was great, staff was busy and obviously tired but the male server assigned to us was one cheerful lad (forgot his name but he was the only male server so I bet he knows we’re talking about him). I appreciate that kuya, you did well always serving with a smile and announcing the name of the dish before you placed it on our table. Commendable indeed for kuya server. Everyone else was “meh”.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 33


For the main event, the kids donned their unicorn onesies provided by the cafe and laughed whole heartedly at how foolish they looked while taking their selfies and group photos. Take a look for yourself in the gallery below.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 49

I think that this cafe has more to offer than the usual instagram worthy photo ops, onesies and colourful surroundings it is being known for for the past month. The food was amazing, prepared tediously with every cutout star and heart yet was very affordable. Let’s hope it remains that way in the months and years to come for this gem.


Rainbow Dreams Cafe 55

For one day, Rainbow Dreams Cafe offered us a place to be our hidden unicorn self, out in the open; hoping that we can always stay that way –full of positivity, rainbows and a carefree attitude. Just keep in mind what quotes say:


“A unicorn doesn’t stand around and worry about what other unicorns think of it. It just sparkles.”




Rainbow Dreams Cafe

Food 5/5
Price 5/5
Service 4/5
Ambiance 5/5
Final Unicorn Glitters: 4.75/5


’til our next tummy picks… c’est la vie!


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