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Vanity Haul : Lay Bare vs. Belle La Peau Waxing Salons

Vanity Haul : Lay Bare vs. Belle La Peau Waxing Salons

I was asked by a friend sometime ago if I encourage my kids to shave their body hair especially now that I have a tween and teen in the house. My on-queue response was “Oh, we’re all for waxing, te.”


This kinda shocked my chingu (Korean for ‘friend’) because it doesn’t seem accepted in society to have your teen kids go for regular waxing sessions.


Here’s the backstory on how this came to be. I was always a “shave or wear sleeves” kind of lady since my genes gave me “balbon” (hairy) features. Growing up with a mom and aunties who pluck their underarm hair as opposed to shaving, I was confused as to why they don’t just shave it all off in one sweep. My mom told me it’s because she doesn’t want to have dark armpits. I laughed it off thinking it’s just some old-wives tale because somehow that wasn’t happening to me and didn’t think it ever would. Fast forward to my late 20s, 2 kids and a bit wiser, I slowly saw my armpits getting darker because of shaving. That’s when I realised, “shucks, my mom was right”. Still I didn’t want to pluck, because frankly, it looks too darn painful.


Funny thing was that my husband was the one who recommended waxing. He said why don’t I try that out and see if it works for me since we see lots of waxing salons in every mall we went to. So in I went to Lay Bare for their cold wax underarm service. They used cold sugar wax to remove your body hair. It’s like a honey slime that was stretched and pulled by the therapist and she used the same to play around your skin and remove the hair gently. Ambiance wise, the place had a zen-bamboo-typical spa setup with cubicles.



So we went to Lay Bare regularly for months until I saw a new waxing salon offering hot wax. I had never tried hot wax before so I figured why not try it now and see which is best for me. We found Belle La Peau Waxing Salon in SM Masinag (they have many other branches, too). The place was really girly with the waiting area feeling like a lady’s sosyal bedroom. Inside, the pink cubicles lined left and right.


Lay Bare vs. Belle La Peau Waxing Salons



I was amazed to see that the hot wax that they used did not need any strips of paper to pull the hair out (traditional hot wax needed paper strips to get the hair off like a bandaid, ouch!) making it cheaper and less painful. What Belle La Peau did was place the hot colored wax (not that hot, really) unto your hairy patch of skin, pat it out to let the wax dry a bit then pull the end of that same dry wax to remove the hair off. It was sooooo relaxing. I mean, I would literally take a nap while they did this to my underarm every freakin’ time. No joke. They also did light plucking of small hair that got left behind, ensuring it was zero-hair zone.


belle la peau


Belle La Peau even has a scrub that they offer before waxing if you need extra loving care to remove that dead-skin. Take note that underarm waxing is around Php170 and with your tip of say, Php20-30, you’re all set at Php200 for a whole 2 weeks of worry free, clean, no-dead-skin, brighter underarms. This is a big checkmark in my book! They’ve got lots of waxing services for both women and men for all your hairy needs.




Both salons are great, just a matter of which works best for you : cold or hot?


Take it from me, the experience was very liberating and not scary at all. Plus the hair grew back slowly and with really soft and thin texture. So, even if it was growing out, it wasn’t noticeable. Me and my girls only went for waxing twice a month. So, everyday shaving vs twice a month waxing? I now know why waxing doesn’t make your underarms dark, instead, it gets rid of dead skin and keeps it light, no chicken-skin, no dark areas. It would be selfish of me to not share this ‘best-practice’ to my daughters, friends, family members and my lovely readers like you, right?! Right.


Lay Bare vs. Belle La Peau Waxing Salons


Dear, if you are hesitant about waxing, I assure you it’s one of the best decisions you will make to take care of your body. Ditch the shavers and enjoy the waxing spa treatment a QUEEN like you deserves!


Lay Bare vs. Belle La Peau Waxing Salons


Lay Bare
Product/Experience 4/5
Staff 3/5
Ambiance 3/5
Price 5/5
Overall Kili Kili Happiness 3.75/5


Belle La Peau
Product/Experience 5/5
Staff 5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Price 5/5
Overall Kili Kili Happiness 4.75/5


‘til our next vanity haul… c’est la vie!


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