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Up & Around : World Food Expo 2017

Up & Around : World Food Expo 2017

Dubbed as the biggest food event in the country and the ultimate food show experience!


From Aug 2-5, 2017 the expo was simultaneously held at SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center in Pasay City with tons of activities for the whole 4 day event.


There was absolutely something for everyone!

Marketplace : stalls and booths lined up selling goods for retailers, wholesalers and vendors/business owners.

Kitchen Theatre : free instructional shows by renowned chefs from different genres .

Philippine Culinary Cup : the biggest competition for chefs coming from different parts of the world.

WOFEX University : learning seminars and workshops

Hotel Summit :  seminars and booths for the hotel industry

Entrance fee : Php 200  (excluding individual WOFEX University seminars)


Expo Snippet Photos:

World Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo 2017 2World Food Expo 2017 3_censoredWorld Food Expo 2017 4_censoredWorld Food Expo 2017 5_censoredWorld Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo WOFEX 2017World Food Expo 2017 11World Food Expo 2017 12World Food Expo 2017 13World Food Expo 2017 14World Food Expo 2017 15World Food Expo 2017 16World Food Expo 2017 17World Food Expo 2017 18World Food Expo 2017 19World Food Expo 2017 21_censoredWorld Food Expo 2017 22World Food Expo 2017 23World Food Expo 2017 24World Food Expo WOFEX 2017WOFEX 2017World Food Expo 2017 20_censored

World Food Expo WOFEX 2017
left with 2 bags full!


’til our next up and around… c’est la vie!


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