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Goodie Bag : Young Living Essential Oils

Goodie Bag : Young Living Essential Oils

Met up with a friend one fine Saturday afternoon for some coffee and cakes. She’s 7 months along the way and we chatted about life and all its unexpected twists and turns. One thing we bonded on is the subject of transitioning to an organic chemical-free way of living especially for people who battle with emotional trauma or disturbances. She shared with me the time she realized that she couldn’t keep taking pharmaceutical meds during her first trimester because it was screwing up with her hormones and way of thinking.

I can totally relate to this because I’ve been doing the transition thing for as long as I can remember.

I’ve moved all my makeup needs from famous commercialized brands to organic, animal cruelty free companies like VMV Hypoallergenics and Happy Skin. My family has been using toiletries that are paraben-free products from Human Nature and Venus & Mars.

Our dehumidifier though, was way off. A dehumidifier is that product you see in malls nowadays that helps keep the air in your home clean and emits a scent in return. Ours was plugged in the bedroom to help me sleep like a baby. I bought oil that I place drops of in the dehumidifier and lets it do its magic at bedtime. My oil was from Lay Bare so our bedroom smelled like I was always at the spa which I love. But lately, I’ve stopped using it because I found myself sneezing in the first few minutes of turning the humidifier on. I assume it’s related to one of my allergens so I’ve had no choice but to stop. Boohoohoo.


Young Living Essential Oils
photo c/o : The Young Living Diffuser that comes with the starter kit


It’s just perfect timing that my friend Tine told me about Young Living Essential Oils. It’s a company founded in the U.S. twenty years ago and provides a huge range of oils used for almost anything you need to perfect your transitioning to organic chemical-free living. What sets this oil apart from what we see at the mall being sold in booths? It’s pure and potent. That means it nearly doesn’t have any chemicals in each bottle and is almost 100% organic. It allows use of even just a few drops in every concoction you come up with whether it is cosmetics, toiletries or cleaning products. Another good thing about this company is that they have their own extraction farm, so you’re sure that the whole process lives up to their promise of ‘Seed to Seal’.


Young Living 2

Young Living 1
so many goodies!


The company is actually a membership portal wherein you can order online for the starter kit which comes with the diffuser already. They will then ship out the kit from the U.S. but you mustn’t worry because there are plenty of support groups here in the Philippines that helps you get the most out of your oil essentials whether it be guidance, product recipes, suppliers list or basic Q&A. The list of support groups will be provided upon your sign up as a perk, according to Tine.


Young Living Essential Oils
the single oils Peppermint and Lemon with the Vitality Lemon (wherein the latter can be ingested and is FDA approved)


Young Living Essential Oils
loving the names of these two Oil Blends


Our afternoon had us mixing 2 potions to come up with the most loved concoctions that Tine suggested I try: linen spray and the ‘swiss-army-knife’ of oil mixtures which is the LLPFC.


Young Living Essential Oils
so fun and easy… even a kid can do it!


LLPFC stands for Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense and Copaiba. I was told that this miracle oil helps ease irritability caused by many known skin troubles, illnesses like viral infections, head and body tensions, skin outbursts like pimples, rashes, bruises, cuts, etc. One thing I can attest to is that my daughter’s pimple dried up after 24 hours of application of the oil. So, there you go. (Please still refer to the disclaimer since I am not a physician).


Young Living 13

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils
my daughter B named this “Jimin Oil” LOL


The linen/room spray is an alternative to my dehumidifier. Its main ingredient is the lavender oil with a witch hazel base. I tell you, I spray this on my bed before I jump in at night and in just a few minutes, I get really sleepy and find myself dozing off. The most important point to take away from this is that I don’t sneeze my nose away anymore. That’s a big check in my book.


Young Living Essential OilsYoung Living 10Young Living 11


There’s so much more you can mix up with these essential oils and here’s just to name a few:

– facial serum – stretch mark creams – hair regrowth aid – diffuser oils – personal care products like soaps, cosmetics, kids toiletries – household cleaners
– almost anything you can think of (check their website below to get an idea)


Young Living Essential Oils
stretch-mark body butter and massage oil
Young Living Essential Oils
facial serum in the blue bottle with the ingredients beside it
Young Living Essential Oils
kilay and eyelash is life! (hair regrowth aid)


I’m grateful there are a lot more organic and chemical-free companies supplying our needs especially in this fast-paced world we live in where there’s just too much pollution, diseases and just plain life-disturbances that stem from chemical exposure. My family is still in the works of transitioning and not everything is covered yet but this Young Living Essential Oils line is working incredibly great for us so far.


It was a really fun and informative Saturday afternoon with a dear friend who had the same mindset as me when it came to policing what my family uses on a daily. I think I’m going to go rest my pretty little head now on my lavender-spritzed pillow teeheehee.


Young Living 16
picky supermoms know what’s up


If you would like to get going with your own starter kit, you can do so HERE or roam around their website for more information. Alternatively, you can message my friend Tine directly at


Young Living 12


‘til our next goodie bag… c’est la vie!


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